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Free Projector Lamp Recycling Service from PureGlare

When you are installing a new projector lamp, or removing an old projector lamp from your projector, you should always ensure that you treat the projector lamp with care, since the projector lamp may contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury gas, housed in the glass bulb. At PureGlare we feel a strong responsibility to make sure that all used projector lamp modules are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. For this reason, PureGlare has developed a Projector Lamp Recycling Service exclusively for customers who buy their projector lamps from us.

The PureGlare Projector Lamp Recycling Service facility enables our customers to send us their old and used projector lamp modules in their original projector lamp boxes, so that PureGlare can then dispose of them free of charge according to proper environmental regulations.

The PureGlare Projector Lamp Recycling Service has proved popular with many of our customers due to the increasing concerns over the environmentally unsafe disposal of potentially hazardous materials such as mercury. If you would like to return a used projector lamp which you have purchased from PureGlare for safe disposal, please send your use and old projector lamps to the following address, and note it as "For Recycle program" on outer box:

13893 Central Ave
Chino, CA 91710

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